AIBS SPARS supports a diverse client base. We support federal and state agencies, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, private research foundations, and commercial entities. The wide breadth of client size, program scale, and concomitant needs has molded AIBS SPARS into a highly agile and responsive partner with expertise in tailoring services for each client’s needs using scientific peer review best practices.

Our client review needs range from 5-1,000 proposal reviews, to annual grant status reviews, to multi-million-dollar, multi-department research program assessments.

Some example clients include:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute
Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Kansas University Medical Center New York State Stem Cell Science
The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust University City Science Center US Air Force

AIBS has proven to be reliable, accurate, and fully informative in its work. We are delighted to be a collaborating partner.

Rita Colwell, for the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative

"We contract with AIBS to help us manage all major responsibilities of our grant-making program, which includes management of peer review of research proposals, development of application and reporting modules for internet submissions, evaluation of grantee progress, and planning the logistics of grantee meetings.

The AIBS staff is consistently professional, efficient, and responsive to our needs. They serve as a critical complement to the foundation program staff."

Betsy Myers, PhD, Medical Research Program Director, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation


About Reviewers

When potential research is reviewed, it is imperative that the appropriate expertise is used. AIBS SPARS believes that peers in the respective field of the research are the most qualified to understand and evaluate research, which is why we maintain a network of experts in a wide variety of fields. Our proprietary databases list over 15,000 individuals whose expertise covers a wide variety of scientific disciplines. These databases provide instant access for AIBS SPARS staff to find the most complementary reviewer for a particular review project. They also provide a historical record of participation. They are continually evolving and growing to meet the needs of our clients and of specific research programs. Almost all our reviewers have advanced PhD or MD degrees — the majority have PhDs (~80%). Outside our databases, we have numerous proven avenues for recruiting new or more appropriate expertise. All reviewers are vetted for real or perceived conflicts of interest, and confidentiality is ensured in order to maintain the integrity of the review process.

AIBS SPARS also strives for well-balanced demographic representation on all panels. Our databases are comprised of junior to senior faculty, administrative professionals, executives, business/industry, and government personnel. This provides additional stratification and complementary expertise for specific review projects.

"I very much appreciate the professional skill and expertise you and your team bring to this review process. This makes it one of the smoothest and most orderly review panels I have known. Academics are often more interested in innovation and creativity than in due process, but it is essential to the integrity of the review process that we have both creativity and thoroughness. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to the rest of your team, who quietly work to make it such an efficient process."

Panel Reviewer

"Always a pleasure to review for AIBS. I like the load, and the small review groups. As a new chair for AIBS, I can say that I found the support staff much better than most of the staff I have had as chair for NIH. Thanks"

Panel Reviewer

"I'd also like to point out that the whole system was really easy to use. I wish my university had a similar bridge grant application process! It's a great system and one that I wish our office of research would think about using. I particularly found the online interaction with the other reviewers helpful. There were a couple of comments that needed rephrasing in our reviews and we were able to identify these and correct them through this feature."

Panel Reviewer

"Great review by your team. I thought the remote access worked exceptionally well... so well that I think it should be standard in many cases. Kudos to your team."

Panel Reviewer

"We all really enjoyed the reviewing process and conversation at the meeting. It is truly one of the best and most healthy review meetings I have ever had. You have done a wonderful and outstanding job of choosing the members, and you orchestrated the panel meeting just like a master piece of music. You pitched it perfectly and hit every note at the right time, and "with a smile”, of course. I really enjoyed it and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on a job well done!"

Panel Reviewer

Topic Areas

AIBS SPARS has performed reviews in almost every field of medical science as well as diverse topics in environmental research. Zoom in to your right for specific examples.

In addition, many of our reviewers have specific expertise in:

  • Commercialization
  • Device Development
  • Intervention Protocols
  • FDA/Drug Approval
  • Technology Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Clinical Trials
  • Military Partnerships
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Animal Research