Peer Review

Facilitating all aspects of peer review for proposed research, ongoing research, and retrospective research analysis — online, via teleconference, in-person, or any combination.

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Organization Support

Providing all necessary support to facilitate research programs — including developing and implementing funding competitions, or supporting the activities of leadership groups that oversee such programs.

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Information Technology

Our IT staff work with clients throughout a project’s life cycle — developing and managing technology, and receiving and tracking information submitted via state-of-the-art tools.

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We continuously analyze and review our own services...

Here are some examples of recent publications on the science of peer review.

Read about our impact or see our complete bibliography on peer review

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"The review system is great. In my opinion the single most critical factor is the selection of good reviewers and chairs. In my panel the chair was outstanding and the reviewers were very good."

Panel Reviewer

"The Program Staff have told me this was the best panel they had ever seen. I agree. I want to thank all of you for your hard work and intelligent, comprehensive discussions. A genuine pleasure to work with you."

Client Project Manager

Valued partner in science®

"Let me say that I really miss the AIBS reviews - you guys do such a great job and it is something that comes into sharp focus when I am reviewing grants for other agencies."

Panel Reviewer

"I think your online review system is pretty optimal. Others should learn from your system for online scoring."

Panel Reviewer

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