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The Scientific Peer Advisory and Review Services (SPARS®) division of the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) has over 50 years experience providing skilled peer review and scientific program support services that are essential to organizations making informed decisions.

Partnering with AIBS SPARS lends diligence, transparency, and credibility to research programs by ensuring independent, expert analysis of research, which raises confidence in the review process integrity for stakeholders, investigators, and the general public.

Core Services

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Adept Scientific Peer Review

Proficient Organization/Program Support

Customized Information Technology

Comprehensive Meeting Planning

In-house Research/Analysis for the Scientific Community

Sample Clients

We partner with a diverse group of funding organizations (private foundations, government entities, academic institutions, etc.) with a wide range of missions.

  • Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
  • Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative
  • Kansas University Medical Center
  • New York State Stem Cell Science
  • United States Air Force

"AIBS has proven to be reliable, accurate, and fully informative in its work. We are delighted to be a collaborating partner."

Rita Colwell, for the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative

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